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With a focus on excellence and years of expertise in the field, we are proud to be providing top-quality roadside tire services in Summerville, SC. If you’re stuck by an unpaved road or experiencing a flat tire in your driveway, our staff is only a phone call away, waiting to help you return to your road safely and quickly.


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The team we have is comprised of highly skilled and trained technicians who are skilled at dealing with all kinds of roadside tire problems.


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With our mobile tire service, we'll bring the knowledge right to you, no matter where you are located in Summerville, SC.



Count on us for reliable solutions and long-lasting results each time.


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New Tire Installation Services in Summerville, SC

Do you require quick or competent new tire installation services in Summerville, SC? You can count on 24-hour, 24/7 mobile tire service! We are committed to providing accurate service and 24/7 availability. We’re the trusted service provider for all of your roadside tire requirements.

Used Tire Installation in Summerville, SC

Looking for affordable, efficient service for used tire installation in Summerville, SC? Your search is over at 24-hour mobile tire service! We are committed to providing high-quality roadside assistance, and our dedication to the satisfaction of our customers means we’re your most trusted source for all your tire requirements.

Rim Repair Services in Summerville, SC

Do you require skilled rim repair services in Summerville, SC? You can count on 24-hour mobile tire service! Our team of highly skilled technicians is ready to help provide the most reliable and effective roadside repair solutions for your rims, whenever you require them.

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Avoid letting a flat or damaged tire ruin your plans. Contact us via our 24-hour mobile tire service for fast and reliable roadside tire services in Summerville, SC, and the surrounding areas. If you’re stuck on the road or on your drive, we’re there to help anytime of the day, seven days a week. Contact us today to chat with a member of our team, and return to your road in peace!

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Our Clients Say!

Cindy Moon
Cindy Moon
Great service with clear, frequent communication and updates. They came through in our time of need; highly recommend! Both boat trailer tires disintegrated like this within miles of each other. (They replaced both for us because we were afraid that the spare tire would do the same.) Thank you!
Nie Ważne
Nie Ważne
I was traveling from FL to NY saturday night. Around midnight my tire had a blowout, I did not have a spare tire (my car has some stupid foam for small hole). Even though it was far from their shop they helped me out. 3 months later my insurance asked about break down of the invoice. I contacted owner without any problem he offered me help. If not them probably i would have to stay somewhere in the hotel for the night and my car would have been towed to some shop which might not have be open on Sunday I do highly recommend them!
Greg Schultz
Greg Schultz
Dominic from Empire is our highway angel. We were driving from Florida to the Northeast to see our cousin who was on her deathbed. In South Carolina on Sunday morning, we hit a large pothole on Rte 95 and our front tire was damaged badly. Though it was a run-flat tire (and rare 225/40 R19 size) there was no way it could operate and we had no spare. Empire was the only only provider/shop that had the tire we needed. Dominic came to our rescue and we were on the road again in less than 2 hours after hitting the pothole. When the rear tire deflated 60 miles later on rte52, we were in the same mess, but Dominic agreed to come well out of his area to help us again. We made it to see our cousin and owe Empire and Dominic our unending gratitude. Couldn't recommend them more.
Stasiaa && Cayston
Stasiaa && Cayston
The staff is very professional and friendly! Anytime I'm in need of tires I can message or call them and I promise you they're able to help me out every single time. SHOP WITH EMPIRE WORLD!!⚙️
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki
25 dollar for changing each tire if you already got your car tires with you. Awesome love the service, legit people with great work ethic.
Hailey Radford
Hailey Radford
i was so hesitant paying up front i been on 95 with a flat tire for 12 hours and when i got in contact with them they were on the way immediately after payment and got busy the second they got here and had be on the road in less than a hour ! very trust worthy , reassuring men ! will recommend to anyone admnd call again if i ever need !
Michael Price
Michael Price
Quick and very good at what they do

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